May 20, 2005

Telecommerce Dagen 2004: The Client Is Our Priority

Towards the end of April InVision Software AG, together with its partner Brickworks B.V., will present the latest version of the Staff Planning System at the Telecommerce Dagen in Utrecht. Release 4.2.1 of the workforce management software solution allows customer care call centres to easily achieve their business targets, as its personnel deployment is both requirements-oriented and employee-friendly, which are factors that also help increase customer satisfaction.

‘The Netherlands is a fast-growing and demanding market which is similar to other European markets. Companies based in this country need solutions that are innovative and which perform to high standards, so that they can manage customer calls in an optimal way”, explains Andreas Bopp, International Business Development Manager for InVision. ‘Telecommerce Dagen is the best place to present our latest developments because of the knowledgeable audience that attends. The current release uses state-of-the-art workforce technology. With the InVision Staff Planning System personnel deployment becomes more efficient’.

The InVision Staff Planning System (SPS) optimizes the deployment of personnel, which is one the most success-critical and costly resource, by placing both company interests and employee interests at the forefront. The system is completely web-based and allows you to integrate it seamlessly with external systems, such as telephone devices, time registration systems and cashier register systems. The SPS includes modules for all areas of workforce management, ranging from requirements planning, capacity planning and the scheduling of shifts to real-time monitoring and response to employee needs.

The Telecommerce Dagen will take place in Utrecht from the 27th to the 29th of April. Over 120 exhibitors will present innovative solutions within the telecommunications and CRM branches. InVision Software AG will present the latest release of their workforce management system at the Brickworks B.V. stand (C088).

May 20, 2005

InVision stellt in Frankreich das Release 4.2.1 seiner Software für Personaleinsatzplanung vor

Bei der SeCA stellt InVision erstmals das Release 4.2.1 des Staff Planning System (SPS) in Frankreich vor. Die komplett webbasierte Software für bedarfsorientierte Personaleinsatzplanung unterstützt sämtliche Schritte des Workforce Management und reduziert den Planungs- und Verwaltungsaufwand erheblich. Zudem lassen sich die Funktionalitäten des SPS aufgrund von Modulerweiterungen optimal an Bedürfnisse und Präferenzen der Nutzer anpassen.

Erweiterte Planungsregeln ermöglichen Unternehmen, ihre Planung noch besser mit individuellen Anforderungen und allgemeinen Gesetzesvorgaben abzustimmen und automatisch unterschiedlichste Parameter zu berücksichtigen. Zur Verbesserung des Monitoring hat InVision eine Reihe neuer Reports entwickelt. Diese sind in HTML- oder PDF-Format verfügbar und können per E-Mail verschickt werden. Planungsergebnisse werden hierdurch transparenter und können direkt an zuständige Stellen weitergegeben werden. Die Zahl bereits existierender Schnittstellen zu externen Systemen wie Telefonanlagen, Zeiterfassung oder Kassensystemen wurden in Release 4.2.1 ebenfalls erweitert. Dadurch kann die Personaleinsatzplanungs-Software von InVision unkompliziert in bestehende IT-Umgebungen integriert werden. Zudem zeichnet sich das neue Release durch gesteigerte Performance aus. Der interne Netz-Traffic wurde reduziert, während die Zahl der Mitarbeiter, die gleichzeitig mit dem System arbeiten können, erhöht wurde.

Das InVision Staff Planning System optimiert den Einsatz der erfolgskritischen und kostenintensiven Ressource Personal, wobei die Interessen von Unternehmen und ihren Mitarbeitern im Vordergrund stehen. Die Software ist webbasiert und durch ihren modularen Aufbau an individuelle Anforderungen von Unternehmen anpassbar. Das SPS umfasst Module für alle Bereiche des Workforce Management; von der Bedarfs-, Kapazitäts- und Schichtplanung hin zum Echtzeit-Controlling und Monitoring. Über eine Webanwendung können Mitarbeiter zudem ihre Wunscharbeitszeiten oder Abwesenheiten eingeben und über kurze Wege von der Planung profitieren.

Die SeCA ist eines der größten europäischen Foren für CRM und Call Center. Vom 27. bis 29. Mai präsentieren rund 130 Aussteller ihre Dienstleitungen und Produkte auf dem Messegelände Paris Expo. Der Stand G37 der InVision Software befindet sich Halle 4.

May 20, 2005

InVision Software expands across the UK and Ireland

InVision Software continues on the road toward internationalisation by appointing John Cann as Account Manager to be responsible for sales and distribution in the UK and Ireland. He will operate from Derry; the location of a key InVision product development centre. Apart from providing support to existing customers, he will be responsible for the development of new business directly and via alliance partners.

John Cann is 31 and has over ten years experience in project management and business development, particularly relating to Human Resources software and services. After studying European Business Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University, he began his career in HR consulting. He joined Torres & Partners, where he managed a team that sold and delivered a portfolio of Human Capital Management services to the technology sector. Prior to InVision he was employed as Business Development Manager by Symatrix; a services partner to Oracle Corporation in the sales and implementation of its HR applications suite.


InVision Software Limited
John Cann
Account Manager, UK & Ireland
Pavilion MK, UUSRP
Northland Road
Derry, Northern Ireland
BT48 7UU

T: +44 (0)28 712988-60
M: +44(0) 7879 415510
F: +44 (0)28 7129-5900
e: john.cann@invisiononline.com

May 20, 2005

TNT Express Champion of TeleTalk's Hotline Survey

The survey anonymously compared the hotline services of ten well-known organisations in terms of accessibility, service levels, technical competence and overall friendliness of agents. TNT Express, an express delivery provider, achieved excellent results in each category.

According to TNT Express, the company’s efficient workforce management has largely contributed to its excellent customer services. The company uses the InVision Staff Planning System (SPS) to control and optimise the schedules of its agent staff.

May 20, 2005

InVision Software Supplies Personnel Deployment Systems to Fraport Cargo Services GmbH

InVision Software AG, a provider of systems for requirements-oriented personnel planning, has a new Transport and Logistics customer. Fraport Cargo Services GmbH has selected a resource planning system from InVision and accorded a contract for licenses and services.

As from the 1st of July 2004 the freight service of Fraport AG will be placed under the responsibility of its subsidiary, Tradeport Frankfurt GmbH, and will be renamed to Fraport Cargo Services GmbH. As part of these changes, the company will also implement software-based resource planning. Fraport Cargo Services GmbH is Germany’s largest neutral freight dispatch service provider and has over 30 years experience with international clients in freight dispatching (info@fraport.de). Fraport offers its clients customised airline freight services. Fraport Cargo Services GmbH employs around 620 people, whose schedules are generated with the InVision Staff Planning System (SPS).

Advantages of a software-supported scheduling system include high levels of transparency and time saving it allows. This also means you can adapt personnel deployment to actual requirements. The staffing requirement for Fraport is derived from data imported from their Cargo Information System (CIS). The company also plans to use the software to schedule absences, vacations and training events.

Within the context of restructuring company strategies, Fraport Cargo Services GmbH has taken major strides towards IT-supported personnel planning. The InVision Staff Planning System will help Fraport Cargo Services achieve their objectives.

May 18, 2005

EuroShop 2005: Workforce Management Optimises Staff Deployment in the Retail Business

At this year’s EuroShop trade fair (Düsseldorf February 19 to 23),InVision Software will present its solutions for demand-oriented Workforce Management (WFM) in the retail business. Using the Staff Planning System (SPS), retail businesses can easily improve their efficiency in leveraging a valuable and expensive resource: their staff. Solutions made by InVision have been proven to reduce staff-related expenses by up to 25 percent, using a unique optimisation approach for staff scheduling.

InVision Software has been an exhibitor at EuroShop before. “Workforce Management is a subject which has constantly gained importance in the retail sector over the last three years,” says John Cann, account manager UK and Ireland of InVision Software. “At this point, there is still a lot of room for staff optimisation in this field, both nationally and internationally. Successful pilot projects and some early contracts encourage us to stay true to the current InVision strategy of making our 10 years of expertise in demand-oriented staff planning systems available to the retail sector.

Workforce Management solutions come into play whenever conventional staff scheduling systems fall short of business needs. Demand-oriented scheduling, especially while taking into account employees’ working hour preferences, cannot be handled adequately with conventional scheduling systems or manually. Workforce Management is far more than data-based creation of employee schedules or an evaluation of working hour records. Workforce Management enables businesses to cut cost while raising their service level. There is hardly any other investment on the software market offering an equally short payback period. By implementing a WFM system, businesses achieve an ROI within just a few months.

The InVision Staff Planning System tailors working hours to customer traffic and its fluctuation while taking into account combinations of a large variety of parameters. These include the current and predicted workload, short-term peaks, sales figures, target working hours, availability periods, vacation times, qualifications and work contracts. Under these complex conditions, the InVision SPS uses automated processes to supply you with accurate forecasts of how many employees are needed in a specific time period, subsequently generating a bespoke staff schedule. This WFM solution is completely web-based and comprises several modules which cover all areas of professional Workforce Management: integrated master data management, scheduling with regard to required staff, capacity and available shifts as well as real-time monitoring and schedule updates. As a unique option, employees can be integrated into the scheduling process by enabling them to enter their working hour preferences into a web-based shift schedule previously optimised to suit the determined demand. Thanks to its unequalled architecture, the SPS supports scheduling tasks across branches and even across country borders. To facilitate this, the InVision SPS is currently available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. Furthermore, the software is capable of taking into account different countries’ individual conditions and regulations regarding the working world.

Businesses who are capable of determining their staff demand at any given time with optimal accuracy and then strategically schedule staff have a definite edge on their competitors. “Working hours are a relevant business factor in the retail sector, and as such deserve professional management,” John Cann says. “InVision provides the right tool to meet this challenge. While scheduling, the SPS takes into account legal factors with regard to general business and contracts. Besides, it provides the option of integrating employees’ working hour requests. The benefits are obvious: business goals and employee interests are reconciled optimally while working hours become more flexible. Efficiently deployed employees ensure the kind of service that gives you a head start on the competition.”

The EuroShop fair is taking place in Düsseldorf from February 19 to 23, 2005. It is one of the largest internationally known retail-focused events of its type. Approximately 1,500 exhibitors will showcase new products, trends and solutions. You will find InVision Software, one of the technologically most advanced providers of workforce management solutions, in hall 6 (booth F 58).

May 18, 2005

InVision Software Launch Spanish Office

The Madrid-based office will focus on developing business in both Spain and Portugal.  To support the launch, InVision introduced a Spanish language version of the software in January.

Formed in 1995, InVision Software has established itself with a 25 per cent market share in Germany with products designed to control and monitor staff scheduling in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  InVision’s powerful Staff Planning System (SPS) platform is a web-based solution allowing businesses to forecast, control and schedule their workforce in real-time to match requirements with capacity.

Lourdes Brito, account manager for Spain/Portugal commented, “There is fantastic potential for growth in both regions and we look forward to developing our business over the coming months.”

The InVision customer base currently includes global brands such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and T Mobile.  The Staff Planning System is currently available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish and has been implemented more than 420 times worldwide.  

“By introducing its own subsidiary in Spain, InVision is giving a sustainable boost to its presence at a European level - in a market with one of the fastest rates of growth. InVision continues to extend its distribution channels and introduce new language versions of the software to further secure its position as Europe’s leading supplier of workforce management.” explained Eric Bayeux, InVision Vice President of Business Development, Southern Europe.


InVision Software Systems, S.L.
Lourdes Brito
Pinar 5
28006 Madrid

Phone: +34 91 745 59 42
Mobile:+ 34 607 64 35 83
Fax: +34 91 745 66 99
E-Mail: lourdes.brito@invisiononline.com
URL: www.InVisionOnline.com

May 18, 2005

Workforce Management Software Specialists InVision Software sign Compeer

InVision has been selected to implement their Staff Planning System (SPS) for a workforce of five hundred Compeer agents. The InVision system will optimise staffing schedules across various departments within the company, including customer service, technical support and telemarketing. The Compeer call centres operate a demanding schedule, running a 24-hour service, 365 days a year.

Compeer has over 20 customers in different industries, including names such as ICA Bank, Boxer and Statoil. With high profile, demanding clients, Compeer required a system that was reliable, effective and cost-efficient.

“We chose InVision, following an extensive period of research. It was crucial that our core specifications were fulfilled - the software needed to be web-based, available in Swedish and tailored to the requirements of a busy call centre.” explained Jurgen Larsson, Vice President from Compeer.

InVision’s powerful Staff Planning System platform is a web-based solution allowing businesses to forecast, control and schedule their workforce in real-time to match requirements with capacity.

Jurgen Larson, Vice President from Compeer commented “As a workforce management solution, InVision’s software was easily integrated into existing IT systems. The staff planning system has enabled Compeer to forecast with better accuracy, ensuring the right number of staff to cover changing shift patterns/personnel requirements. In addition, the software incorporates employee working preferences, whilst providing more flexible shift patterns, consequently increasing staff morale and retention.”

As a leading supplier of workforce management software, the Swedish call centre market is a key focus for InVision.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with such a successful and respected company. Our software will enable Compeer to work more efficiently, with greater profitability and we are looking forward to developing a long-term relationship. The InVision system is ideal within a call centre environment and we hope to make a significant difference to their business.” said Günter Dicks, InVision’s managing director (Sweden).

May 18, 2005

InVision Software Appoints New UK Account Manager

Chris Dealy joins InVision Software with over 20 years experience in the workforce management arena.  He has held senior sales positions with Callscan (GMT Planet) and QPC (IEX Total View), developing new business sales of workforce management.  Dealy has worked on a wide range of successful workforce management projects with organisations of all sizes and covering all major industry sectors.  

“I was attracted to join InVision by the company’s genuinely innovative approach, the high quality of the software and perhaps most importantly, by the commitment and enthusiasm of the entire team.” said Dealy.  “I am looking forward to spreading the word about InVision in the UK, as well as helping UK businesses to achieve the benefits of the software – benefits already being enjoyed by respected European operations.”

Chris Dealy will join John Cann in managing the UK/Irish sales effort.  He will have specific responsibility for the finance, transport, manufacturing, technology and services industries.

July 12, 2004

InVision Tackles FSA Regulation in Contact Centres

New FSA regulation across a range of services in the financial sector comes into force in October this year and in January 2005. These rules will affect the whole process of mortgage and insurance sales and administration, from the publication of advertisements through to the termination of agreements with customers. Thus, insurance and mortgage vendors and intermediaries must comply if they provide products affected by this new level of regulation. Financial services providers must ensure their staff are appropriately skilled and qualified, particularly if their duties bring them into contact with customers. The introduction of legislation in the financial services sector means that large financial penalties can levied, or operating licenses removed if customers are sold financial products by agents not qualified to do so.

Scheduling appropriately qualified staff is one of the greatest challenges management has to face in the financial services sector if they are to comply with FSA regulation. An appropriate solution, such as InVision's Staff Planning System (SPS), supports both service centres and agencies in optimising their call centre workforce. It takes into account employees' skills to ensure that only qualified agents advise on regulated financial products.

Workforce management solutions automate and optimise the whole staff scheduling process according to business needs. The control and management of scheduling is a complex task, particularly in organisations with a large number of employees working flexible hours with diverse competency profiles. When scheduling personnel, software solutions from InVision lead to dramatic increases in efficiency and reduction in costs.

InVision SPS analyses historical data to accurately forecast future staffing requirements, thus meeting customer demand. This enables companies, such as insurance or mortgage intermediaries, to respond proactively and to plan accordingly. Additionally, SPS allows companies to accurately manage employee schedules based on the skills required for different activities in different time periods. One can associate as many skills as considered necessary to each activity. So for example, only one skill may be necessary for a given activity, but more than one skill for another, in which case the employee would have to possess all skills to be considered qualified for the task. InVision SPS features a special function called Job Optimisation, which is run after having allocated shifts. It places presences on replaceable activities where the staff requirement has not yet been met. Then it re-schedules activities which have the highest priority, which have not yet been fully covered. The exchange is successful if the coverage of the requirement has been approved and the employee has the necessary skills. Those employees with the highest skill rating for each activity are scheduled against the respective activity as a priority. Moreover, SPS enables supervisors to ensure coverage and service levels are met by having the right agents available at the right times, whilst integrating staff requests for particular working hours in the planning process. InVision helps companies to control the deployment of employees to activities based on their skills and experience profile, providing accurate reports on each employee's performance and adherence to work schedules.

InVision's Staff Planning System is a modular solution, supporting all the facets of needs-oriented workforce management, from requirement and capacity planning, shift and operation planning, to a broad range of options for integrating staff into the planning process. "Every step in our workforce management solution is supported by fully integrated workflow which enables companies to schedule staff based on business needs and the availability of skills," - John Cann, Country Manager UK and Ireland.