November 30, 2007

InVision Software AG is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

InVision Software AG, a leading international provider of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, was awarded this month with the highest accolade in Microsoft's partner programme: the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the Independent Software Vendors / Software Solutions (ISV) category. InVision's customers can now be absolutely certain that the services provided by InVision comply with international standards and guidelines, and that these services are supported by Microsoft's technology. InVision has reached the highest level of the Microsoft partner programme thanks to its fulfilment of all of the stipulated requirements, such as the successful implementation of projects which were proven to result in customer satisfaction. In addition, an independent inspection commission subjected the InVision Enterprise WFM (iWFM) to extensive tests for trouble-free functioning with 'Microsoft Windows Server' and 'Microsoft SQL Server'. InVision performed excellently in all of these tests.

"Thanks to our close cooperation with Microsoft, we enjoy significant business advantages which in turn benefit our customers greatly," says Matthias Schroer, CTO of InVision Software AG. "This strategy of cooperation ensures that we have better access to development tools and technology and that, as a result, we are at the forefront when it comes to information about new software. For our customers, our Microsoft Gold Certificate is a clear confirmation of InVision's level of professional know-how and service, and it gives them the security they need to make decisions and put their trust in innovative new solutions."

As an independent software developer producing and marketing Microsoft based, standardised software solutions, InVision provides its customers with a modular, web-based system which supports the entire process of requirement-oriented workforce management - from requirement forecasting to employee scheduling and from time management to accounting processes. The InVision Enterprise WFM is a software system that meets the requirements of Microsoft's certification programme due to its flexibility, being suitable for use in all business sectors and compatible with existing IT environments and a diverse range of external systems. The iWFM can be deployed in companies with less than 100 employees just as productively as in international corporations with several hundred thousand employees in order to reduce staff costs, increase productivity, enhance employee satisfaction and achieve a better service along with improved profits.

November 22, 2007

Recent Study Reveals: Contact Centres Disregard Scheduling of Multimedia Work

The recent major study "The UK Contact Centre Operational Review" (5th edition, 2007) of over 200 contact centres carried out by ContactBabel, has found that only 29 percent of operations use workforce management solutions to manage their multimedia tasks.

Findings within the "Information and Planning" chapter of the report, sponsored by Invision Software, show that while the majority of contact centres use workforce management solutions to measure adherence to schedules, and to run 'what-if' scenarios, few are currently using it to forecast and schedule multimedia work, such as answering emails and engaging in text chat. Neglecting to do so means that multimedia channels are left to look after themselves, creating a disappointing customer experience and poor service levels, with 59 percent of emails taking more than one working day to answer. Almost one-third of UK contact centre agents deal with both email and telephone calls in their daily work, yet the majority do not have specific time allocated to handle their multimedia workload.

The report's author, Steve Morrell, comments: "One of the reasons that the proportion of multimedia interactions has hardly risen in the past five years is underinvestment in technology to route and handle such requests. However, another major inhibitor to multimedia take-up is that most contact centres are not giving their agents sufficient time to deal with non-telephony work. The result is that emails are being ignored or answered too late, with these disappointed customers either ringing the contact centre with their request or going elsewhere entirely with their business. Contact centres should be forecasting their multimedia workload and scheduling agent time accordingly, otherwise they might as well not bother offering an alternate channel to traditional telephony."

InVision Enterprise WFM (iWFM) offers easy-to-use scheduling for multi-skill, multi-media contact centres. To enable truly demand-oriented planning, iWFM takes into account the skill-sets of individual employees and the pooling efficiencies offered by multi-skilling. It is also able to take into account peaks and troughs in inbound 'abandoning' contacts such as telephone calls and optimally schedule blocks of time for agents to be devoted to non-abandoning contacts such as email or back office work. All of this is achieved with a fraction of the setup time and a fraction of the run-time of earlier workforce management systems. This unique optimisation process is based on a patent pending technology developed by InVision Software.

About "The UK Contact Centre Operational Review" (5th edition, 2007):
The 270-page online or paper report looks in depth at salaries, attrition, training, multimedia, IP, self-service, strategies, outsourcing, planning and many other elements that are key to understanding how contact centres can best be run. Displayed in over 200 data tables, the results have been segmented by industry sector and contact centre size, so that readers can compare their own operations with those that are most similar. The free Executive Summary and more details of the full report can be downloaded from www.contactbabel.com.

October 30, 2007

InVision and ILD Showcase at WFM Symposium How to Meet the Demands of Mature Contact Centers

At tomorrow’s starting virtual Workforce Management Symposium, InVision Software and its customer ILD Telecommunications will showcase how ILD has managed to meet the new demands of its mature contact center. The Workforce Management Symposium is an online event especially for contact center experts wanting to keep on top of new industry developments. The symposium offers online seminars and live sessions taking place from tomorrow, October 31, to November 2, 2007. Furthermore, visitors can chat with peers in an online networking group and get access to hot topics in workforce management and industry expert knowledge that are provided at the virtual vendor booths. In addition to the ILD case, InVision is going to present other contact center case studies, whitepapers and industry news at its virtual booth.

In course of the one-hour online session, starting at 4 p.m. (eastern time) on October 31, InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of software for enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, will present jointly with ILD the transitioning from old business processes to new workforce management processes in a mature contact center. Before implementing the software solution InVision Enterprise WFM the ILD call center was using a version of software to perform workforce management that was not meeting the day to day needs of the business. Critical to this 24 x 7 operation was the need for an application to perform the scheduling of employees in an efficient and optimized manner, and intra-day revisions. The evaluation of alternatives and the subsequent deployment of a new platform presented challenges and opportunities for process improvement. Visitors of the Workforce Management Symposium will learn to know the vital factors and the hidden traps of such a process transformation.

Visit InVision’s Partner Booth at the Virtual Workforce Management Symposium:

October 19, 2007

InVision Software Receives Major Order in the Public Sector

Within the third quarter of fiscal year 2007, InVision Software won a contract for a workforce management (WFM) project in the UK in the mid seven figure Euro range. InVision was appointed to provide a WFM solution to an organisation operating in the public sector. More effective rostering of more than 30,000 employees working at more than 100 establishments will assist in workforce modernisation. As declared in the financial report for the first half year 2007, InVision Software AG (ISIN: DE0005859698, WKN: 585969) adheres to its statement of a significant improvement in earnings for fiscal year 2007.

The decision in favour of the software solution InVision Enterprise WFM follows a comprehensive evaluation of available WFM systems by the ordering party, including a successful six month pilot of the solution. The pilot exercise included rigorous process and performance analysis. This revealed remarkable savings in rostering-related costs. Moreover, employees have online, web-based access to their rosters. This results in time savings and importantly enables the introduction of self-rostering, giving employees choices in the shifts they work and offering them a valuable work-life balance benefit.

September 20, 2007

InVision presents a new release: iWFM 4.5.0

InVision Software AG, one of the leading international providers of software for enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, will be presenting version 4.5.0 of its InVision Enterprise WFM (iWFM) software package at various trade fairs throughout Europe between now and the end of 2007. The new features of version 4.5.0 of the modular iWFM system will be on display to visitors of the following trade fairs: Swiss Contact Day at the Biel Convention Centre (Kongresshaus - September 20,2007), Call Centre Expo in Birmingham (September 26-27, 2007), Inter Airport at Munich airport (September 9-12, 2007), Workforce Management Congres in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands (October 11, 2007), Personal España in Barcelona (October 17-18, 2007), Personal Austria in Vienna (November 7-8, 2007) and Retail & GDO in Milan (November 27-28, 2007).

The most significant new feature of iWFM release 4.5.0 is the newly integrated function TimeManagement, an innovative addition with the modules TimeKeeper and TimeManager. In addition, the optimisation processes have been overhauled and the InVision Enterprise WFM’s user interface has been completely redesigned. The iWFM is now available as a 64-bit version and in a total of twelve languages, the most recent additions being Polish and Russian.

Keep track of time with TimeKeeper and TimeManager

Thanks to the newly integrated TimeManagement function, employees’ time accounts can be managed and implemented with the same precision as their schedules. The TimeManagement function contains the two modules TimeKeeper and TimeManager, which enable the user to coordinate recorded working times and different time accounts, i.e. for overtime, special shifts, holidays or normal working hours. Deploying rules specified by the users according to their individual needs, the TimeKeeper module manages employees’ recorded working times automatically and processes punch-in and punch-out times as they are entered. In addition, users can see predicted time account balances in TimeManager, giving them an overview of all employees’ time accounts in the scheduling system. The TimeKeeper and TimeManager modules are connected to each other via a process workflow. The data from the TimeManagement modules can also be accessed in ShiftCenter, which represents the centrepiece of the InVision Enterprise WFM system for company-wide scheduling requirements: here, users can check the schedule and actual data quickly and easily, and so continuously optimise staff deployment.

A better way to achieve optimum, requirement-oriented staff planning

Release 4.5.0 of the InVision Enterprise WFM also sees a revision of the central components of the staff planning program, implemented in order to increase the system’s processing speed. In addition, the AutoScheduler user interface has a clearer structure and provides both more information about the degree of optimisation and an option for creating additional reports. The AutoScheduler module is an optional extra which creates requirement-oriented, optimised plans that take all scheduling rules into account: it enables the entire optimisation process to be completed at the touch of a button and in a single step, from the long-term assignment of daily working times to the detailed, down-to-the-minute definition of each day’s individual activities.

Thanks to these updates, release 4.5.0 of the InVision Enterprise WFM enables companies to improve their staff deployment with even greater speed and ease than before. The two new modules in TimeManagement provide a concise, real-time overview of schedule and actual times, as well as of employee time accounts. This means that the user can achieve requirement-oriented workforce management objectives by scheduling the right staff with the right qualifications for the right time at the right place.

September 18, 2007

Call Center Innovations Tour geht in die zweite Runde

ASC, InVision, Sympalog und Xtramind setzen das erfolgreiche Konzept der Call Center Innovations Tour fort und laden im Herbst wieder zu interessanten Veranstaltungen zum Thema Call Center-Technologien ein. Den Auftakt bildet das Treffen am 25. Oktober in München im Olympiapark. Zweite Station ist das Hagenbeck Tropenaquarium in Hamburg am 30. Oktober. Die Abschlussveranstaltung findet am 6. November im Kloster Eberbach in Eltville bei Wiesbaden statt. Die Treffen beginnen jeweils um 10 Uhr und enden gegen 17 Uhr.

Unter dem Motto „Zielsicher kommunizieren“ präsentieren die vier Unternehmen neueste Technologien und Dienstleistungen aus einer Hand für mehr Effektivität im Call Center: Von Quality-Monitoring-Lösungen mit intelligenten Sprach- und Textanalyse-Methoden über Lösungen für eine effektivere Personaleinsatzplanung bis hin zu automatischen Sprachdialogsystemen und cleverem E-Mail-Management. Dabei profitieren die Besucher von kompaktem Fachwissen und konzentrierter Information. Kundenvorträge beleuchten den praktischen Einsatz der Lösungen und bieten die Gelegenheit, mit Experten der Branche zu diskutieren. So ist die Veranstaltung die ideale Plattform für Know-how-Transfer und Austausch unter Kollegen.

Abgerundet wird das Programm von unterhaltsamen Aktivitäten wie einer Stadiontour mit Torwandschießen im Münchner Olympiapark, einer Führung durch das neue Tropenaquarium im Tierpark Hagenbeck sowie einem Klosterrundgang mit begleitender Weinprobe im Kloster Eberbach in Eltville.

Alle Informationen sowie das Anmeldeformular befinden sich unter:

  • http://ccinnovationstour.asctelecom.com

Die Teilnahme an allen Veranstaltungen ist kostenfrei.

Über ASC

Die ASC telecom AG ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter innovativer Lösungen zur Aufzeichnung, Analyse und Auswertung der gesamten Kommunikation.
Mit ASC-Software können alle multimedialen Interaktionen in Contact Centern, bei Finanzdienstleistern sowie für Organisationen der öffentlichen Sicherheit dokumen-tiert und durch Einsatz intelligenter Sprach- und Textanalyse-Methoden ausgewertet werden.

www.asctelecom.com - k.henkel@asc.de

Über InVision

InVision Software ist einer der weltweit führenden Spezialisten für Lösungen zum unternehmensweiten Workforce Management. Kunden optimieren mit InVision Enterprise WFM den Personaleinsatz und steigern die Produktivität um bis zu 25%. Dabei reduzieren sie den Planungs- und Administrationsaufwand um bis zu 80% und verbessern signifikant die Motivation ihrer Mitarbeiter.

www.invision.de - info@invision.de

Über Sympalog

Sympalog bietet Know-how und Technologie zur Realisierung von intelligenten Sprachdialogsystemen. Anrufe können dabei vorqualifiziert und Standardanfragen automatisiert bearbeitet werden. Sympalog-Systeme schaffen optimale Benutzerfreundlichkeit, schonen Ressourcen und optimieren Kommunikationsprozesse.

www.sympalog.de - mueller@sympalog.de

Über Xtramind

Xtramind Technologies GmbH ist der führende Anbieter von lernfähiger Software für Kommunikations- und Informationsmanagement auf der Grundlage von Sprachtech­nologie und Künstlicher Intelligenz.
Mit den mitdenkenden und selbstlernenden Lösungen von Xtramind können Unternehmen Anfragen von Kunden via E-Mail, Fax, Brief, Internet und SMS schnell, effizient und kostengünstig beantworten.

www.xtramind.com - pr@xtramind.com

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September 14, 2007

InVision Receives “Positive” Rating in Leading Analyst Firm's Contact Center WFM MarketScope Report

InVision Software AG received a “Positive” rating in the recent Gartner report “MarketScope Contact Center Workforce Management 2007”*. The Gartner report provides an overview of the global market for contact center workforce management (WFM) solutions, and it rates WFM solutions vendors based on specific evaluations performed according to different criteria predefined by Gartner. Workforce management solutions facilitate optimised and demand-oriented staff scheduling. InVision was one of 13 vendors evaluated for the report. Gartner considers companies receiving a “Positive” rating to “demonstrate strength in specific areas, but is largely optimistic” and recommends that existing customers “continue incremental investments” while potential customers “put these vendors on a shortlist of tactical alternatives”.

“In my opinion, InVision’s “Positive” rating in Gartner’s MarketScope confirms our position as an established and at the same time rapidly growing WFM solutions provider with a large and demand-oriented range of products”, says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software AG. “Furthermore, I also believe it underscores the high capacity and performance of the InVision Enterprise WFM (iWFM) product and our strong penetration of the European market with a firm base in the German-speaking countries. By focussing on our internationalisation strategy, on the ongoing expansion of our sales and service departments and on continued development of our InVision Enterprise WFM product portfolio, we are well equipped to take on future challenges in the market.”

According to the Gartner report, “The workforce management marketplace is mature and proven. A combination of first-time interest from smaller contact centers and reinvestment from larger contact centers looking to embrace recent functional and technical enhancements is fueling healthy growth by the vendors in this segment.” The evaluation itself focussed on the following: product, overall viability, customer experience, product strategy and geographic strategy.

September 11, 2007

InVision expands in North America – Strong interest shown in the company at the ACCE industry event

  • Two new offices opened in Texas and Georgia
  • Significant interest in InVision's solutions at the Annual Call Center Exhibition in San Diego

InVision Software AG has two new offices in the North American market as of the start of September: alongside the main office of the wholly owned subsidiary, InVision Software, Inc., which opened in Chicago, Illinois, in early 2005, InVision now has its own branches in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Dallas, Texas. The crucial importance of the US market for suppliers of workforce management (WFM) solutions was made amply clear at the Annual Call Center Exhibition (ACCE), which closes tomorrow in San Diego, California. Right from the start of the very first day of this industry event, the InVision stand proved popular with industry professionals, who were extremely interested in the company's WFM solutions.

This is the third year in a row that InVision has taken part in the ACCE, an event no company in the call centre business can afford to miss. The USA represents a very important market for InVision: analyses and reports indicate that North America possesses with 68 per cent by far the largest market share of call centres' WFM needs*. Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software AG, says, "Our activities in the USA are really getting going. Now that our first projects for US companies have been successfully implemented, we are raising our investment in this market in order to increase the pace of our development still further. Opening new offices in Atlanta and Dallas and recruiting specialists with insider knowledge and market know-how is just the start."

Craig R. Shambaugh started with InVision in May 2007 and is now the manager of all of the company's three US offices. Possessing wide-ranging management experience, he has been involved in the USA's call centre industry for over twenty years. He was a long-time associate of Rockwell FirstPoint Contact, a provider of automatic call distribution (ACD) solutions which was taken over in 2004 by Concerto Software, a company specialising in customer interaction management. One year later, Concerto was renamed Aspect Software after further fusions. Together with his team in the US, Shambaugh will now apply the knowledge gained from his years of experience to InVision's expansion. The US subsidiary's focus is not only on the call and service centre sectors, but above all on the enterprise-wide use of workforce management solutions in all kinds of services, from retail, transport and logistics to healthcare and the public sector.

August 14, 2007

Revenue and Earnings Growth in the 1st Half Year Proves Success of the Internationalisation Strategy

  • Group revenues rose by 41 percent to EUR 4.82 million
  • Internationalisation of business drives growth
  • Successful IPO in June secures capital base for further group development

InVision Software AG has reported continued revenue and earnings growth for the first half year of the current fiscal year. Compared to the first half of 2006, revenue rose by 41 percent to EUR 4.82 million. 53 percent of this revenue was generated from locations outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). These revenues outside the DACH region totalled EUR 2.557 million (2006: EUR 1.101 million), which represents a 132 percent increase. Revenues in the DACH region during the first half of the year declined slightly by 3 percent to EUR 2.263 million, thereby accounting for 47 percent of revenues (2006: 68 percent). This shift unequivocally proves the success of InVision's internationalisation strategy. The EBIT margin improved from -26 percent to -21 percent whereby the operating result was EUR -989,000 and is thus 13 percent lower than last year. The company reported positive after-tax results of EUR 254,000 for the first half of 2007 compared to EUR -751,000 sustained during the same reporting period in 2006. Earnings per share also improved favourably, increasing to EUR 0.11 for the first half of 2007 compared to EUR -0.34 in the previous year, in each case based on 2.235 million shares.

Increasing revenues

The raise in revenues mainly resulted from the 179 percent increase in service revenues to EUR 1.763 million (2006: EUR 631,000) and the 29 percent increase in maintenance revenue to EUR 1.491 (2006: EUR 1.153 million). The significant increase in the service revenue is based on the expansion of service capacities in the second half of 2006 and on the continuing high utilisation of capacity in the Professional Services Division. The increase in maintenance revenues is the direct consequence of a higher maintenance base resulting from licence revenues with both new and existing customers in the previous year and of consistently stable customer loyalty. The licence revenue dropped slightly by 5 percent from EUR 1.64 million to EUR 1.566 million because in the first half of the year it was generated primarily with existing customers and smaller and mid-sized new customers and, unlike the previous year, did not include revenue from major projects.

Successful initial public offering secures further group development

Since 18 June 2007, InVision Software AG has been listed in the Prime Standard Segment of Deutsche Boerse. During the course of the IPO, a total of 1,077,000 shares were successfully placed, of which 714,996 shares resulted from a capital increase. The over-allotment option was exercised in full, and approximately 48 percent of the shares are held in free float. The company received a total of approximately EUR 22.9 million in gross proceeds from the capital increase. Cash and cash equivalents have increased from EUR 142,000 as of 31 December 2006 to EUR 20.223 million, while financial liabilities fell from EUR 879,000 to EUR 34,000. With a capital ratio of 80 percent (31 December 2006: 4 percent), the equity capital is now EUR 21.519 million (31 December 2006: EUR 247,000) and provides a solid basis for the company's further growth and development. The balance sheet totals rose to EUR 26.908 million (2006: EUR 5.711 million) mostly as a result of the equity capital increase. The cash flow from current operating activities, which is generated primarily by the incoming payments from major projects, reached EUR -57,000 in the first half of the year (2006: EUR -682,000). This represents -1 percent of group revenue (2006: -20 percent).


InVision continues to pursue a committed growth strategy for acquiring new customers and earning additional revenue with existing customers. During the remaining course of the fiscal year 2007, the emphasis will be placed on reinforcing sales and service capacity at the existing locations and on further expanding the company's position as one of the global technology leaders in providing solutions for enterprise wide workforce management. The company also plans to continue investing in the ongoing development of its InVision Enterprise WFM product line. Given the successfully completed pilot projects for some major international customers in the first half of the year, the group expects a significant improvement in earnings for fiscal year 2007.

June 17, 2007

InVision IPO: All Shares Issued and Allocated

  • Issue volume about Euro 34.5 million

InVision Software AG’s shares issued at a price of Euro 32 were allocated today. Investors had the opportunity to subscribe to the shares of the software specialist from Ratingen on 13 and 14 June 2007.

All 1,077,000 shares from the offering have been allocated, including those shares from the overallotment. Of the offered shares, 714,996 shares resulted from a capital increase and 221,530 shares from a secondary placement. To provide the greenshoe option, 140,474 additional shares were made available by the current shareholders. The share capital of InVision Software AG will comprise 2,235,000 shares following implementation of the capital increase.

About 89.7 percent of the issued shares were allocated to institutional investors and about 10.3 percent went to private investors. The shares were allocated to highly qualitative investors predominantly in Germany and the United Kingdom. Allocation to private investors was made on uniform criteria in accordance with the “Principles for the Allotment of Share Issues to Retail Investors”. Retail investors, which placed their orders through one of the syndicate banks or an associated institution, uniformly received an allocation of 80% of their order size rounded off to a whole share.

The issue volume totals Euro 34.5 million. If the greenshoe option is exercised completely, the free float will reach 48 percent. The commencement of trading on the official market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is scheduled for 18 June 2007. WestLB AG acted as the Sole Lead Manager and Sole Bookrunner for this IPO. M.M.Warburg & CO KGaA was the Co-Lead Manager.

  • International Securities Identification Number (ISIN): DE0005859698
  • Securities Code No. (WKN): 585969
  • Stock Exchange Abbreviation: IVX
  • Common Code: 030194381


This publication does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or subscribe for any securities. The offer is closed and the shares have been placed.

This publication and the information contained herein is not for distribution, neither directly nor indirectly, in or into the Unites States of America, Canada, Australia or Japan.

This publication does not constitute an offer for sale of any securities into the United States. Securities, including any shares of InVision Software AG in the course of the offer, may not be offered or sold in the United States or to, or for the account or benefit of, US persons (as such term is defined in Regulation S under the Securities Act of 1933 as amended (the “Securities Act”)) unless they are registered under the Securities Act or exempt from registration. There will be no registration or public offer of any securities of InVision Software AG in the United States.